Preventing Drug Use:
What Educators Should Know

6 Easy Ideas for Integrating Substance Abuse Prevention Into Your Classroom

  1. Create an environment where your students feel comfortable asking questions and expressing their feelings.
  2. Discover More. Learn about the most popular drugs of abuse and what they look like. Also, learn how to identify the potential warning signs of abuse.
  3. Raise Awareness. Hang posters in your classroom and have age appropriate prevention materials available for students and parents.
  4. Integrate drug education into your curriculum. Whether you teach science, or social studies, there are always teachable moments where you can integrate prevention into your curriculum.
  5. Build a good rapport with parents and school social workers/counselors.
  6. Collaborate with parents and school social workers/counselor to put together a well thought plan to assist a student that may be in need of support with this issue.

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