Know the Facts For Teens

Don’t just assume everything your friends say, or what you see on television or hear in music, about drugs and alcohol are true. This is your life. Each decision you make today is going to have an impact on your future. You will be out of high school and onto bigger and better things before you know it. The more you know the better you will be able to make healthy decisions.

Drugs: Shatter The Myths

Macklemore Opens Up about Drug Addiction and Recovery

Stories of Recovery: Chris Herren (Facing Addiction)

Under Construction: Alcohol and the Teenage Brain

smoking infrographic

Youth E-Cigarette PSA

Effects of cannabis on the teenage brain NCPIC + Turning Point

Prescription Drug Abuse is Now An Epidemic - A Video Infographic

Long term and short term effects of heroin drug - Signs, Symptoms, Withdrawal, Detox & Overdose

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