Who we are

Bristol Eliminating Substance Use Together (B.E.S.T.-4-Bristol) is a Drug-Free Community Coalition that began in the early 1990s as the Bristol Youth Prevention Council. In the twenty-five years since, the Coalition’s name may have changed, but its focus on reducing youth substance abuse has remained constant.

Our Mission is to work toward unifying the community to promote wellness in our culture through increasing education, implementing strategies and enforcing policy to prevent substance abuse by youth and those who impact their development.

Our Vision is to develop a culture of awareness and sustained action that will promote positive youth development and a healthier community.

Every Day 4,000 12-17 year olds use drugs for the first time.
The prevelance of youth substance use increases as their perception of harm decreases.

What we do

As a Drug-Free Coalition, B.E.S.T.-4-Bristol’s primary purpose is two-fold: To engage and collaborate with the community and to prevent as many Bristol youth as possible from turning to drugs and alcohol.

How we do it?

B.E.S.T.-4-Bristol plans to use a comprehensive approach to achieve its goals. In order to make an impactful and lasting difference, the entire community-parents, teachers, youth, police, health care providers, faith communities, business and civic leaders and others, have to be involved and working together. Once this is accomplished, specific prevention initiatives and programs can then be planned.

If you would like a more detailed look into the types of strategies that coalitions like B.E.S.T-4-Bristol use to promote drug-free communities, check out these links….

CADCA’s 7 Community Strategies: These prevention strategies have been proven to reduce substance use among young people all over the country.

The Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF): The SPF is the model through which CADCA’s 7 Community Strategies are delivered into the community.

Click here to learn more about the CADCA’s 7 Community Strategies
Click here to learn more about the SPF process

Our People
Staff and Community Sector Leaders

Coalition’s 12 Sector Leaders

Joy Harris

Bristol Central High School Student

Donna Osuch

President and CEO
United Way of West Central, CT

Gabriel Sousa

Assistant Branch Manager
Thomaston Savings Bank

Chris Cassin

Supervisor of Athletics
Board of Ed./Bristol Public Schools

Sarah Mitchell

Community Communication Coordinator
Board of Ed.

D'Andre Esposito

Director of Operations
STEAM Program Coordinator
Boys and Girls Club

Lt. Richard Guerrera

Bristol Police Dept.

Pastor Todd Williams

Bridge Community Church

Kim Carmelich

West Central CT United Way

Jarre Betts

VP of Programs
Main Street Community Foundation

Lisbeth Barreto

Community Health Worker

Charles I. Motes

Jr., M.S., M.P.H., R.S., Director of Health

Samantha Rajotte

Communications Manager
Main Street Community Foundation

Jesse Mancinone, Project Coordinator

Jesse was hired as the Project Coordinator for the Coalition in November of 2016. With over eight years of experience in the prevention field, Jesse has provided prevention services to over forty towns across the state. Jesse’s experience in the prevention field, combined with his familiarity with the Drug-Free Community Program, allowed the Coalition to get off to a great start in its first year. In addition to his experience in prevention Jesse is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified School Counselor. His back ground in treatment and education has greatly informed his prevention work. He has extensive experience working with young people and a passion for affecting community change. The Coalition is happy to have him on board and appreciates enthusiasm for this work.

Eileen McNulty, Project Director

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