Youth Coalition

Join the BEST Youth Coalition!

Representing Bristol's kids and teens in unifying the community against substance abuse

The Youth Coalition brings together Youth Leaders and members to help accomplish the mission of BEST. Our goal is to prevent substance abuse throughout the community, and as youth we speak directly to other youth in Bristol. The Youth Coalition forwards the following mission:

Promote Wellness

Through increasing education

Implement Strategies

Show ways to have fun without using substances

Enforcing policies

Try and prevent youth substance abuse

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Current Youth Chair: TBA

Prevention Week

High School Prevention Activities

As part of National Prevention Week, we had tables at our high schools to teach our peers about prevention. Together we interacted with our classmates and learned a lot from them as they learned from us. We kicked off the week with a ‘Mock Car Accident’ to give students an experience of the dangers of drinking, drugs and distracted driving. We also filled the school hallways with posters stating positive messages, and had students during all lunch waves write messages of hope for the future. Additionally, there was a mini resource fair and a 3-point basketball contest against teachers. The week ended with everyone wearing purple in unification of the message of prevention.

More About Prevention Week

Youth 2 Youth Peer Convention

Leadership Training

Y2Y is a place were we really bonded and came together as a group. We learned so much about how to lead and how to send our message to the community. Y2Y is an experience we will all remember for the rest of our lives. It was full of positive vibes and friendly faces.

Bristol Press Article National Website

Pine Lake Challenge Course

Building Trust & Working Together

The Pine Lake Challenge Course event is how we found new members – it was a huge stepping stone for our group. We not only gained members but new friends along with it. It allowed us to triple our membership! The course was challenging and fun, and as a group we were able to complete the course and learn from each other. It brought our members closer together as friends, and we gained valuable knowledge about leadership and confidence!

More About the Course

LPC (Local Prevention Council) Meetings

BEST Monthly Coalition meetings

Every 2nd Thursday of the month, the Coalition meets from 3:30 p.m. -4:45 p.m. at Bristol Public Library. Members represent all twelve sectors of the community. We are a group of concerned community members that want to raise awareness about youth substance use and underage drinking in Bristol. We are funded through a Federal Grant, Drug Free Communities through ONDCP and SAMHSA.

More about the LPC

Fun Times With Friends & Learning A Lot

Thank You for Your Community Support!

Thank you for donating to and supporting the BEST Youth Coalition! Without your funding and without the other fundings from different groups and adults who put forth their effort to gather us together, we wouldn’t have come so far!